Quality Control

The quality control of our source materials and finished products is an integral part of the value-added chain. Precise quality examinations require modern devices and processes. Our technical equipment includes, among other things, HPLC, GC, IR, UV, TOC, automatic dissolution testers, NIR technology and DC photo documentation. Our equipment meets the latest technological standard.

Wiewelhove operates in accordance with validated methods. We support you with necessary updates to your processes and dossiers and develop new, effective methods. Our service also includes carrying out stability tests as per ICH climate zones in large climatic chambers.

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance system is a rigidly practised, well-functioning system that complies with all international standards. Among with the GMP certification, we possess certificates in accordance with DIN ISO 13485 and likewise comply with the International Featured Standard (IFS Food).

Wiewelhove is approved as a manufacturer in many countries. All employees are regularly trained to embody our quality system and put it into practice.