As a service provider, Wiewelhove GmbH is particularly committed to its customers and ensures that its products will survive on the market through high production reliability.

At Wiewelhove, we practise an established quality assurance system. At every stage of production, our employees are also consistently held accountable for the entire process. In the interests of our customers, Wiewelhove GmbH considers itself as part of the entire value-added chain in order to do their part to make a safe product for the end user.

As a drug manufacturer, the manufacturing license and the GMP certificate are basic requisites. At our company, the GMP requirements are complemented by the DIN ISO certification 13485, as well as by the certification as per the International Featured Standard (Food). These requirements result in an extremely useful symbiosis to which we remain committed.

Our employees are alerted to responsible behaviour in the fields of quality, environmental protection and work safety through relevant information, continuous training and incentives. Regular further training ensures that our employees are always up to date in matters of science, technology and legal requirements. This consistently up to date and valuable expertise is available to our customers at all times, thus strengthening the competitive profile of Wiewelhove GmbH.